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2021 Summer
Adult Programs
A Y A T A: Accessible Yoga At the Arboretum
Combined Bodypump® and Zumba®
Disc Golf Tournament (ages 10+)
Knox Canine Training Obedience 1 (ages 13+)
Life Time Fitness Adult Tennis Lessons
String Art Workshop With the Knotty Nail
Summer Coed Sand Volleyball League
Can Play Adaptive Sports
Adaptive Baseball/Softball (ages 5-21)
Adaptive Bike Camp (ages 5-21)
Adaptive Recreation Programming (ages 3-12)
Adaptive Soccer (ages 5-21)
Adaptive Summer Camp (ages 3-19)
Adaptive Track and Field (ages 5-21)
Adult & Teen Recreation & Kickball (ages 13+)
Combined Adaptive Soccer and Track and Field
Create and Learn Virtual Classes
A I Explorers (ages 9-12)
Circuit Wizards:Intro To Arduino (ages 9-12)
Cloud Computing With Web Apps (ages 11+)
Junior Robotics (ages 7-9)
Lights and Beats With Micro: Bit (ages 7-9)
Minecraft Code To Mod (ages 9-12)
My First Mobile Apps (ages 11 and Up)
Python for A I (ages 11 and Up)
Scratch Ninja 1 (ages 7-9)
Senior Programs
Digital Programs
Book Club
Brain Resilience
Coffee Club
Composting 101 With Isu Extension
Docent Discoveries
Iowa History Series
Knitting Group
Lunch and Learn
Storytelling Through Photojournalism
Stress Management
Drive Thru Program
Pick Up Picnic - August 12
Pick Up Picnic - July 8
Pick Up Picnic - June 10
Pick Up Picnic - May 13
Fitness Classes
Indoor Classes
Outdoor Classes
Senior Leagues
Spring Bocce League
Summer Corn Hole League
Take and Make Craft Kits
Birthday Cardmaking Kit
Garden Stone Kit
Ribbon Bookmark
Wind Chime Kit
Spring Miracle League-Pick Up Games (ages 5+)
Youth Programs
Adventurer's Camp (ages 10-13)
Adventures in the Parks (ages 10-13)
Archery Class (ages 11-17)
Arts in the Park (ages 6-11)
Basketball Skills (ages 5-6 )
Candy Bar Bingo
Creative Genius Spring Art (ages 6-11)
Creative Genius Summer Art (ages 6-11)
Creepy Crawlers (ages 6-8)
Flowers for Mom
Heroes in the Park (ages 2 and Up Plus Adult)
Iowa Storm Chasing Network
Jr Mix Dance (pom/Jazz/Tumbling) (ages 7-12)
Kids Summer Camp (ages 6-10)
Magicamp (ages 5-12)
Martial Arts (ages 8+)
May Day Craft Kit! (ages 3+)
Mini Mix Dance (pom/jazz/Tumbling) (ages 4-6)
Nature Adventures! (ages 5- 12)
Painted Rocks in the Parks (ages 2+)
Pee Wee Dance (ballet/Tumbling) (ages 2-3
Plant Print Painting in the Park (ages 2+)
Princess Tea Party (ages 2 and Up Plus Adult)
Quickstart Tennis (ages 6-8)
Ribbon Dancing in the Park (ages 1+)
Roller Skate! (ages 5-17)
Scavenger Hunt in the Park (ages 2+)
Sidewalk Chalk (ages 2 and Up)
Storytime in the Park! (all Ages)
Summer Take Home Activity Kits (ages 4+)
SuperKids AllSport Camp (ages 3-5)
Sylvan Learning Center
Engage in Engineering: (grade 1 and Up)
Kinder Ready! (ages 4-6)
Ready Set… Multiply! (grades 3-6)
Robotics 100 Level (grade 1 and Up)
Spelling and Handwriting Camp (grades 3-6)
Upper Writing Camp (grades 6-12)
Writer's Workshop Camp (grades 3-6)
Tie Dye Sugar Cookies (ages 8+)
Tot Basketball (ages 3-5)
Youth Tennis (ages 9-18)
2021 Winter / Spring
Adult Programs
Combined Zumba® and BodyPump®
Drive in Movie: Sandlot P G
Shred It
Youth Programs
Breakdance (ages 8+)
Hip Hop (ages 6-10)
Holiday Craft Kits (ages 10 and Under)
Junior Mix (ages 7-9)
Magicamp! (ages 7-15)
Martial Arts (ages 8+)
Mini Mix (ages 4-6)
Youth Tennis (grades 5-8)
Memorial and Tribute Gifts
Safety City 2021